Fuel Cell™ Infinite Hero Carbon / Black Iridium

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Couleur de la monture carbon
Couleur de lentilles black iridium
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Présentation du produit
Fuel Cell™ Infinite Hero

We’ve been toying with a mix of art and technology for some time. The idea was to create clean, authentic style for those who don’t just walk the path of life – they stomp it and leave footprints. That’s what led to Oakley Fuel Cell™. The idea here is unflinching originality and a smooth look. It’s proof that when authenticity speaks for itself, it speaks with volume.

The Infinite Hero Foundation is dedicated to honoring and empowering those who exemplify the highest virtues of courage and heroism. A non-profit 501©(3) organization, the foundation uses funds from the public to further its mission of providing aid and supportive services to members of the military community who have made heroic sacrifices to protect our freedoms. With your purchase of this special edition Infinite Hero product, Oakley will provide 15% of its net proceeds to the Foundation.


High Definition Optics®

High Definition Optics® (HDO®) est un ensemble de technologies brevetées qui permet aux lunettes Oakley de satisfaire et même de surpasser les normes imposées par les tests de l'American National Standards Institute en termes de clarté optique, de fidélité visuelle et de résistance aux impacts.

Caractèristiques de l'objectif Inclus

black iridium

Light Transmission 10 %
Light Conditions Lumière Brillante
Contrast Neutre
Objectif Couleur de base Gris