DVD Tactical Pistol Training 1.5 / 5.11

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DVD en ANGLAIS Tactical Pistol Training 1.5 réalisé par Kyle E. Lamb avec au programme :

1: Course Introduction: Course introduction and overview of Pistol 1.5 Training course with Kyle E. Lamb. 3:12
2: Safety Brief: Safe weapon handling and range safety instructions. 3:03
3: Grip & Stance: Kyle covers what ... a proper grip and a good aggressive stance should be. 6:38
4: Sight Alignment & Trigger Control: Focus on front sight, trigger control and proper follow through. 4:18
5: Loading & Reloading: Kyle's practical and proven approach to loading and reloading. 12:59
6: Draw & Presentation: Use speed where it matters and precision on your trigger pull. 2:32
7: Controlled Pairs: No "double-taps" but controlled rounds fired repeatedly. 4:35
8: Driving The Gun: Aggressively drive the weapon from target to target, lead with your eyes. 4:37
9: Turns: Kyle demonstrates proper footwork, turns and movement towards the target. 4:36
10: Strong & Support Hand: Drawing, shooting and reloading one-handed from both your strong and support side. 14:21
11: Malfunctions: Kyle runs through a full range of malfunctions and the immediate action required to get back in the fight. 9:00
12: Shooting On The Move: Eliminate the threat, while on the move. 15:39
13: Barricades & Cover: Shooting from available cover and unusual positions. 12:27
14: 9-Hole Drill: Shooting the VTAC 9-hole drill. 8:37
15: Mindset: Kyle discusses the Warrior Mindset. Aggression saves lives. 6:46
16: Scrambler: Replicating a real-world environment with the "Scrambler" drill. 5:09
17: Conclusion: Conclusion with Kyle E. Lamb. 2:19